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Learning to Teach PE Like a Rockstar: Is Dodgeball good for PE?

Learning to Teach PE Like a Rockstar: Is Dodgeball good for PE?
You will probably see dodgeball is where there is no developmentally apporpriate activities taking place. These teachers are apathetic to change and have no cluse about the NEW PE and ensuing standards. Yes, many will claim otherwise about dodgeball and cahnge the rules and the type of ball . It belongs in the Hall of Shame for a reason. Question this? If a parent, Principal , school board member , or PTA person walked into your class , what would you be teaching? If it were a Hall of Shame activity , then it may be thought that anybody can do this , and the importance of PE would lose its effectiveness.

A different sceario might be to place a KinBall in the center of a square formation with all students having a ball to be thrown at it . It can be an Eath Ball and the implements are meteors and the throwers are from the planets . If the Kin Ball were to cross the line that planet is destroyed one time . The penalty is to mention something abount the palnet to eliminate the point. Before hand, skills are taught of throw and catch along with strategy( toss ball to a temmate who has a better angle to propel the KinBall elsewhere.

There is no throwing at students , skills are taught , integration is used and cooperation is key. Nobody is blasted and all students are involved. For more activity introduce another game on the other side of the floor . For younger students move the thrwing area closer by arranging cones or makeshift lines with ropes to keep them back .
Gerry Cernicky( retired PE 36 years)

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Just a short clip about physical education that was developed with no script , but only a commentary from the heart . Also , there is a new chat/blog started from Facebook , called PE1 , which now has over 100 memebrs of dedicated and talented teachers. Each week on a Sunday evening at 9:00 PM (EST) we discuss pertinent ideas to share with others . It can be accessed at Live Event for PE or at the following address from COVERITLIVE . There will be the live event and an archive posted .



In the latest issue of PE LINKS4U , Steve Jefferies noted , “ The end . No further justification needed. But , how to explain to others. That is the question that needs answering.” Of course , he was talking about saving P.E.
The main proposition is that there needs to be a leadership model to justify P.E. and that is at all levels. It goes far beyond comparing with the core subjects . The public must be notified of what we do and recognize the fact what the parents and administration experienced in their youth is only part of the dilemma .

There are TV ads and all forms of media such as , the NFL60 and Michelle Obama’s exploits , and the obesity issue , which adds to our countries debt of billions of dollars a year . Why isn’t that enough to change laws and why aren’t the politicians listening? And, who really cares ?

A better question is , are there experienced , dedicated teachers to help with that process . ( Yes, but are outweighed by the uninformed ) How do we send that information to those teachers and school districts that have no clue what P.E. has become in the 21st century .

When I was teaching and later as the Department Head , it was understood that (WE) were all on the same page . That is , you could go to any elementary PE class and we were all doing the same thing. In the middle and high schools, there was a curriculum mapping process that was carried over from all levels , in a sequential process , so there wasn’t any repetition . This sequential approach was set up according to state and national standards. In the present day , since PE meetings have been eliminated and the role of the Department Head is just a figure head , if at all , other than disbursement of equipment and scheduling. After talking with a past colleague it was noted ,” I hate it now , too much busy work and duties , less prep and no direction.” This was from a school that was nationally known , even though it was many years ago .

Along those same lines , there was always presentations to showcase what was done in PE classes. What a great way to show the public and school board the activities and concerns for a healthy lifestyle. All of this advocacy will take more than state associations. It is up to us individually . After a fiery speech and gung-go attitude at conventions ,it still behooves (us) to be the light at the end of the tunnel .
Please believe me , I know the importance of state and national associations that have paved the way for all present and future teachers . They have our backs to disseminate information to save our livelihood .
It isn’t the PE4Life schools that are experiencing distress . Why ? These are the teachers who care and school districts and their representatives that are concerned for best practices in education and physical education is a great part of that . These people know how to work the system and know people who know other people , from superintendents to state and national officials along with exemplary companies and health systems to make the programs survive.
There are reasons some schools are given blue-ribbon status and others that only try to be a facsimile. It takes everybody working together , and the leadership that will make it happen. In addition , it takes hard working teachers who care more about others than themselves. This caring and empathy is a talent that will keep PE alive for years to come.
Why is it that after retirement and more so those teachers that are close to it are the ones included in the process of saving P.E. Of course , included in this is the younger generation who had mentors and universities that all believe in the same thing. This transition is vital in the life of every PE teacher in the country . Yes, we must keep up the fight at he highest level and have a person or group that will keep (us )informed of all that is happening .
For example , there has been a pension crisis in my state for all new and older teachers. Each week there were emails and letters to representatives to uphold the state law. Through everyone’s efforts and thousands of letters , the problem was put on hold. Now! The next fight is vouchers. All these messages were heard and information was given for what to do . What will be our message ? Who gives it ? Or do (we) read about it and still clamor that something needs to be done while (we) are in quicksand.

Many years ago , these messages were distributed with other teachers in the PE-digest , which was highly successful . From there , the bond with teachers around the country was at its highest with the incredible sharing process. At about this time in the late 1990’s , there were software programs that could be used to chat , audio and video with other teachers . All were kept up to date on any new innovations or concerns . Even universities had their students share questions , and all seemed well . Unfortunately, a breakdown in service eliminated this vehicle and also many teachers were lost . Later , a new NASPE discussion group was formed , but even today in 2011 , it has lost its glamour and those teachers who contributed for many years , and with heaps of experience haven’t returned.

Recently , there is a breakaway group( PE1 ) of experienced teachers are looking to form a news advocacy and sharing with others. The format is in the early stages , but will be manned by both retired and caring teachers . Why is it that many of the contributors are still in the game , even through retirement ? Why? Because they care and want to share with others . They want to provide leadership .
Along those same lines , PE Central has devised a chat/blog that shares information to teachers . The contributors are well experienced teachers and educators who want to not only share , but also save P.E.

How many people know about this ? Why not? How do we tell others ? Maybe a tweet or a comment from Facebook will spread through the social networking process in a spider-like web of contacts that can be the glue to bond others to become aware. Are we our own worst enemies ? Only time will tell . The fight is in our corner and hopefully (we) will still be standing long after the bell . PE has taken a standing (8) count , but we’re not out yet . One more punch by everybody just might do the trick .

Or we can listen to our students . Find out what they enjoy and run with it. Isn't PE supposed to be fun ! Children have grown up with games and learned from them. Maybe this is a way we can instill interest in those students who need that extra zip to get them to be involved.
Find ways during and after the school day and explore ways to get into their heads so they can transfer it to their bodies. It will be a slow process , but well worth it. It all starts with the first step and a little enthusiasm , empathy and understanding.

Make sure to choose activities that have meaning to them. Include media and some of the gadgets they have from an Iphone and Wii system to music , TV and movies. Maybe even give them a chance to show you how its done and give them ownership , of course, with your guidance , which includes rules and respect for others.

Finally , at about this time , and on many TV stations , such as CNN and daily newspapers , it is well noted that the economic crunch without a stimulus will wreak havoc with school districts. The news service is reporting lay-offs for teachers as a way to curb spending or at least see that taxes aren’t raised to further the chaos in education .

Add the push for vouchers and the turmoil against public education and its failing schools , will provide a spark that may ignite an upheaval that hasn’t been planned for in the budgets of poor or average schools in performance standards. Something has to go and it appears that PE and other non-core subjects will fill the noose tighten in a fight to the finish line. This should come as no surprise to the educational process and the cry for development of the whole child. Many schools and teachers have prepared with advocacy and exemplary programs.
They have kept pace with all the necessary elements of a blue ribbon school . And , they have exhibited all the tools inherent to showcase their school , teachers , students and programs that meets a very high standard. As previously mentioned , too many people just don’t get it and are unaware what gym?(PE4me) really is all about . These just may be the school board members or students that played dodge ball all day (and got blasted) ; waited in long lines , hated the uniforms , or were made fun of and disrespected. Part of that blame must be tossed toward the teachers, too . They took the easy way out and were a “roll out the ball type.”

I have always stayed with the mantra , “ Nobody from off the streets can do what I’m doing or has the experience , knowledge , empathy ,and cares about the needs of the students more than I could.” The bottom line is to fight in the trenches , share with others and advocate P.E. to an ultimate level . The “cut” will be deep very soon , but when we as physical educators bleed , it won’t be blood , it will be the many
experiences of dedicated teaching that will ooze off the playing fields and gyms for future teachers to remember we walked on the road less traveled and made a difference in a child’s life.

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Fair Play


It doesn’t take long to discover that sportsmanship and character have come under a microscope with antics that range from youth sports to the NFL .

This doesn’t count the plethora of sports teams at all levels that engage in organized contests throughout the country. The main question is what direction should be taken to find a solution that can easily be understood ,and then monitor constantly so the problems can’t escalate.

Children watch their parents and other adults to form a basis for charatcter traits . Being a positive role model will be an effective way to help their children toward character building and fair play .They form an understanding of competition and sportsmanship when they are in a school setting.

Physical educators can work on sportsmanship and character by demonstrating proper behavior during classes and activities.This conduct should be taught to all members of the school district including parents , teachers , coaches , cheerleaders and the band.

Within the program , there should be a sportsmanship code of fair play that is recited before every game ,and athletic directors should oversee that it is enforced to promote a safe atmosphere conducive to fair play. This code should include:

· Gain an understanding and appreciation for the rules of the contest

· Exercise representative behavior at all times

· Recognize and appreciate skilled performances regardless of affiliation

· Exhibit respect for all officials

· Display openly a respect for the opponent at all times

· Display pride in your actions at every opportunity

Parents hold the initial key for appropriate sportsmanship and character building. They should emphasize good sportsmanship and expect that winning is just one of many goals their children can achieve. . By taking pride in their accomplishments and improving skills , the athlete can see themselves as winners not only by the final score. Unfortunately, brash behavior that is seen on the national level in professional and collegiate sports seem to have a negative influence .

The next step in the sequence is coaching. A code of conduct should be sent home and signed by both the parents and players to cover what the coach expects ,such as losing temper , cheating , blaming , taunting , arguing with officials , and criticism of teammates.Coaches should attend a district sportsmanship seminar/conference before each season to learn new rules and what is expected from each district or league office .

There needs to be an open communication with the parents , community , school board and administration about rules , judgment on problem behavior and have a plan in place to enforce decisions when the rules are broken .

There is a phenomenon that has taken sportsmanship to a new and different level , which has been propagated through the collegiate ranks , especially those that involve basketball games. It appears the high school crowd has mimicked the frolics that transpire during the games . Student sections are becoming creative , funny and amusing , but sometimes create problems with chants that can be offensive or rude .In past seasons students have chanted during basketball games , but there has been a drastic change as they are louder and have become more creative with chants and garbs than ever before. They have become controversial, with insensitive and sometimes vulgar chants that can be offensive. By using various social networking sites , they can find out some disparaging details about opposing players and their schools. Hopefully , at this point ,the athletic director or a teacher in charge will quell any possible concerns and problems.

March 1st ,2011 is National Sportsmanship Day , which is an exemplary model for information in ethics , promotional suggestions for fair play , and a packet that includes articles about sportsmanship , gamesmanship , coaches and parents forum and contests to promote conduct while participating in a sport.

One of the most difficult tasks faced by athletic directors and administrators is to maintain a healthy school spirit while promoting good sportsmanship. The answer may lie in involving the student body. Administrators can arrange a round table for the students to brainstorm scenarios of sportsmanship to share their thoughts to discuss issues to help their students have fun at these events and still maintain a commitment for school sportsmanship for every team or activity that the school sponsors.

Building character and commendable sportsmanship are responsibilities that physical educators should embrace . The use of Hellison’s Model of Responsibility and John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success are viable ways to help encourage students to prepare for the character building process . This can be accomplished with the physical education classes and carried over through appropriate practices during games and activities. There will be obstacles to overcome as the constant barrage of media outlets , TV ads and articles written in sports magazines and the unflappable “look at me” exploits by many of the professional and college athletes may deter that process . The answer will be to take that first step , which includes students , parents , coaches , administration , and athletic directors to all work together for citizenship through sports alliance.

There are specialty programs that involve mascots to teach the values of fair play and sportsmanship .There are important details with lesson plans , goal setting , teamwork , making a community , encouragement and awards that can be attained through sportsmanship .


Addendum and Editors note: Within my area near Pittsburgh(PA) is a school that has won the sportsmanship award for two years . Hampton High School in Allison Park last won the award August , 2010 . Mr. Bill Cardone , athletic director , and three other school directors were presented the award at Heinz Field before the W.P.I.A.L. football championships.Hampton realizes that sportsmanship is a key issue from the elementary to high school levels , and this is maintained through meetings with all the principals.



The purpose of the sportsmanship program is to educate , promote and assist in the perception of and the practice of those qualities which are inherent in good sportsmanship . The ideals of sportsmanship apply equally to all disciplines. Individuals ,regardless of their roles in interscholastic athletics , are expected to be aware of their influence on the behavior of others and act in a responsible manner at all times.

Included in this issue will be the WPIAL Sportsmanship Program /Member School Self Assessment Form , a six category rating system with an additional three parts that provides evidence as to why a school is deserving of the award.There is a pre-game speech before each basketball game and a National Sportsmanship Breakfast , which Hampton asked their coaches to nominate students who exhibit leadership that was sponsored by the Institute for International Sport . Also, a WPIAL Sportsmanship Summit , which includes discussion questions and scenarios of examples regarding players , coaches , and grades.

Note : W.P.I.A.L. ( Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League) and the P.I.A.A ( Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association ) are the two Board of Control groups that have been involved in making sportsmanship important for all member schools. The PIAA promoted the slogan “ The missing piece is you.” Just recently(1/21/2011) , both groups must decide the fate of a girls basketball coach , who ran up the score in a 100 point win . An announcement about sportsmanship is read before every game across the state and it remains to be seen what decisions will be made . It will take more than a pre game speech to find a solution , but by working together in all aspects of home and school , the problems of sportsmanship can move forward with an encouraging outlook .This can be accomplished with promotional activities , handling conflicts appropriately , crowd control and always have a contingency plan in place.

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The final product of any game plan or cookbook is how all the ingredients come together to make it just right . But, along the way , there has to be a change to prepare for situations when things go awry. Here is a list that will help guide you through the quagmire of difficulties. Even the best cook , the Head Chef , must resort to pulling out magic at the right time to perfect the soup de jour :

A is for anticipation . This is the ability to foresee problems and establish a plan to ward off any possible discipline and safety concerns. Be on the lookout for the student’s body language and find a way to predict a particular behavior trait. This means that during a lesson ,you will have to notice why things aren’t working and have the ability to change in mid-stream without losing control. The lesson and equipment should be arranged and supervised with an appropriate safety management plan in place.

B is for benchmarks. There has to be standards , objectives and rules to use as a starting point for successful teaching. It is the strength and fiber to make everything work and prove you live by a higher standard of teaching that is comparable with all other core subjects.

C is for creativity and caring . It doesn’t matter what venue peaks are interest , but it’s the way we communicate real life situations in our classes. It can take the form of a modified game , a piece of equipment or a change or rules that is geared to the ability level of the students. This can be a TV show , movie , cartoon , newspaper , song , or a thought that comes to mind in the middle of the night . It all revolves around caring and what we can do for our classes in all kinds of situations. It means changing quickly to another place(area) or idea without loss of control or class time. It appears you can be a magician with a wide variety of activities and equipment to a time warp that it was always planned that way .

D is for discipline and determination . We should always strive to be the best we can be and with being fair makes that task of correcting improper behaviors an easier transition. That means never give up and always find ways to never quit. Even if the activities don’t work , it still means that if something fails will only cause us to be more determined to make it work. Discipline is not only rules , but also how we react in adverse conditions . Just as we set a standard of rules for our classes , it must be understood that we must abide by the ones we set for ourselves . That includes preparation , training , organization and being professional at all times.

E is for enthusiasm . No other trait wins the students respect and admiration than the way we present ourselves in a positive and dynamic explosion of energy. It transfers to the students in the same way . It shows we care and puts the students first . It doesn’t matter if its body language , facial tics , word application , gyrations or even a smile . It gets their attention and provides an avenue for success. They know you love what your doing and it is a contagious experience , that when the class leaves , they can’t wait to come back again , or would rather stay in physical education class all day. This boundless energy starts the very first day of the school year and it will be thwarted by many roadblocks , such as duties , parents and limited planning time. Strive to keep this enthusiasm from the first day of teaching to retirement. If this can be accomplished , then you can honestly say …. I did it my way with pride of a job well done !

F is for fun. Yes, all the games and activities should have that valued ingredient . This main ingredient will be a major factor for the students to come back for more physical education time. The activities should be geared to their interests along with educational objectives . The students should be engaged in activities that they like and feel comfortable . The activities must be developmentally appropriate and geared to their skill level . In many instances, the competition level is not as important than improving on a previous performance or individual basis . This will take the pressure off group or team performance , which will make the lead up games and activities…..FUN ! And ,don’t forget that means fun for the teacher , too .

G is for goals. We must not only set a high standard for our students , but also for ourselves . The goals that we attain are also the same ones we subscribe to when we plan our lessons , and develop them with educational objectives in mind. The goals for the students are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle each day and to improve their performances on an individual basis .

H is for honesty . We must build our character with integrity and professionalism. This means to give it all we have with the students in mind and not personal gain or accolades as the main goal in education. Having the ability to share and pass along all we know is better than pointing at your self and saying , “look at me and what I did .”

I is for imagination . This goes hand in hand with creativity , but also use our minds and continually search for resources each day to make our classes better. We can be dreamers and think ahead of all the situations that may surface in our classes. In this way , we can prepare exemplary lessons , but yet anticipate the possible safety concerns that may impede that process. Having the ability to use imagery will make our classes exciting and prepare activities that are real an relevant .

J is for janitor . This is the one person on the custodial staff that can be our best ally. They can make sure our area(s) are free of impediments , help with fixing equipment , lend at hand at “tearing down” bleachers and chairs and provide all the necessary tools that we may need to repair equipment. In many instances , they are the nurse , Principal and classroom teacher when the support staff isn’t available in emergency situations.

K is for kindness . When we initiate random acts of kindness it will spread to everybody in all parts of the school complex. The students will learn to be more respectful and their concerns will be to others , not just themselves. It is beneficial to highlight these behaviors with photos on the bulletin board so they can see what acts of kindness are appropriate .

L is for love . We must love what we are doing so it can show the teachers , students , parents , administration and community that we belong as a viable asset to the school district. The students under our care will know we love our profession by the way we conduct ourselves and the lessons we prepare. We always have them in mind , treat them fairly , and accept their errors as a positive learning experience. Our body language and a simple smile can communicate the joy and love each time they come into our class.

M is for motivation. No matter what it takes ,our job is to stimulate the students into a frenzy of activities that can be used for a lifetime of health and fitness. We must lead by example and be a role model . Find ways to understand what they really like to do and use this a s a carry over in physical education and in the home . This motivation will include the family in activities they can enjoy together .

Teachers should spend more time explaining why we teach what we do, and why the activity is important , interesting and worthwhile. The teacher’s enthusiasm will be transmitted to the students , who will be more likely to become interested . The students will respond with interest through the teacher’s motivation ,who appears to be human and caring. Being energetic in teaching is a motivating factor that adds energy to the activities that will enhance learning and commitment to ideas .

But, this goes far beyond the classroom because learning takes place outside the classroom, too. The students must continue to learn after the class , to prepare them to be aware and to apply concepts in their lives after they leave the class .

N is for news. We must spread the news with any public relations tool in our arsenal so all the doubters can join the NEW P.E. It starts with the students and continues on the local ,state and national level. Spread the news in school newsletters, PTA , in-services, conventions, conferences , and government offices. Many people had a negative experience when they were in grade school and beyond. It is up to us to dispel the sins of the past and sing the praises of all the good things that happen in physical education from technology to brain gym and how it helps the development of the whole child.

O is for organization . This simple task is the foundation for planning lessons and maintaining the decorum of each class. This responsibility is what makes a class run smoothly and gives us the opportunity to maintain order. The lessons should be developmentally appropriate , safe and relevant. The lessons should meet the national standards. The activities are planned ahead of time and taught so if there is an adjustment like a weather alert or emergency situation .There is no loss of class time or control .

P is for planning. This is closely associated with being organized. This starts well before the students come to class. By using Internet resources , instant messaging( share ideas ) , lesson procedures , safety concerns and supervision will ensure an organized program for successful teaching.

Recipe .( P) is also for play . The more the students are involve in play , it will be easier for them to be active for a lifetime. All of life will revolve around their play habits and the ability to keep moving . It will set a trend to attack the obesity crisis and restructure the way physical education is perceived. This activity extends far beyond the regular physical education class . It is a carry over into the home and hopefully , into gym memberships or recreational pursuits . Just as learning never stops , play will continue to thrive with the basic foundation learned in physical education classes.

Q is for Quarterback . You are behind the center of all the things that will happen in the field of play . You direct the students in proper positions and make sure they know what ,how and why they are running the plays.(skills). The students count on you when things are not going in a positive direction . The QB helps motivate and encourage the other students in respect , and skill progression. The QB is the also a coach that leads by example . The QB will refine and define leadership qualities that will represent a well oiled machine of teamwork .

R is for repetition. The skills are taught in a step by step procedure in a rubric or scope and sequence. This will give the students the opportunity to work on the skills at their rate of learning and experience. Then, they move to the next skill in order after many successful trials and repetitions.

S is for supervision . This is the ultimate safety device that meets many guidelines of management . It is overseeing and controlling the situation . The principles are :

· You must be there for the activity you are supervising

· Understand the potential risks and have the foresight to meet those obligations

· Inspect the area and any equipment before you use it

· Review rules and procedures before the activity

· Place yourself in a position where you can observe all the students

· Scan the area continually in a systematic manner . Be constantly vigilant and rotate around the area to see more of the activities

· Implement a n emergency plan

· Maintain a record keeping method that establishes a list of things to promote safety for any injuries

T is for testing . Establish a test that provides results to prove why and how the tests are administered like the Fitness Gram or Physical Best . This will provide a prescription for the students to maintain a healthy lifestyle . All tests must serve a purpose , and not for setting school records. There are many tests like the PE Central Challenge that will not only provide results , but also , it is FUN ! It gives the students an opportunity to retry the test and move at their own ability . Included are fitness tests like the Tele-Olympics that combine fitness and the core subjects in a test to compare scores ,and find out about the participating schools in an integrative process.

U is for understanding . This broad topic spans how we recognize not only the students and what makes them” tick”, but also , how we plan , organize and supervise the activities .Is it developmentally appropriate to meet the needs and ability levels of the students ?

Recipe . Make a PE contract for job responsibilities and jobs to establish ownership and respect for others. Next, give the students a handout with all the jobs and have them sign up .( along with a description why they may want the job) Hand out equipment , keep score , emergency patrol , and set up equipment .

V is for variety . Do we plan the activities that are the same year after year without any thought to why ,how , when and what they will provide for the students development.? Is there technology such as , exercise bikes , heart rate monitors , pedometers, Treadwall , Nike Plus or Eye Toy ? Are the lessons sequential and meets the national standards ?

Recipe . Make an exercise box with skills , tasks or exercises that the students chose from a variety of warm-ups that are different each week. Instead of doing a prescribed exercise routine during the holiday season , do the 12 Days of Fitness Christmas . Play Holiday music or TV / Movie selections that the students can identify and enjoy.

W is for weather . This may seem frivolous , but weather systems can be hazardous without the proper preparations. There should be a weather check system in place to warn of potential storms . Slippery conditions will make for accidents , wind bursts will change the way the equipment is utilized , and extreme changes in temperature will cause unsafe field conditions. Preparations and emergency planning is a pre-requisite for all supervised activities. These weather changes move rapidly and we must foresee any safety complications. Establishing a back up plan is necessary , not only for safety , but also, a directive that is placed in our lesson plans .

X is for X-cellent and X-ray . It is imperative we see through the protective covering of some of the behaviors and problems the students may be hiding from us . Just like a medical doctor , it is essential to provide an antidote for what ills the students have brought from home , the playground or other school environment. There are many factors that may change their disposition and it’s our responsibility to care and cure the malady. This isn’t an easy job , but when they know that we are concerned , then it makes for a respectful climate between teacher and student .

Y is for yoga. Teaching can be stressful and we must set time aside during the school day to relax and meditate to slow us down . Just by practicing breathing techniques gives us the ability to stay focused. Simple flexibilities and stretching routines will relieve the tension in the muscles . In class situations , it will calm us and keep from making or saying something we might regret .

Z is for zeal and zest . This is aligned with enthusiasm and our boundless energy to meet those the students have each day . This is why they love our class and never want to leave or can’t wait until the next time . We must be a role model for education of the physical and keep ourselves in shape , too.